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Office Building Elevator Advertising & On-Site Promotion, New Measures of Sijiyoumei Brand Strategy

Posted on:2019-06-04 10:52

In the era of information explosion today, brand impression on consumers and maximization of market opportunities are the key to branding breakthroughs. Accordingly, Sijiyoumei has adopted a multi-channel promotion strategy. Besides advertising channels of airport, high-speed rail, television, film commercials and urban LED, office-building elevator advertising, a new ground for brand promotion, has been pioneered in Shenzhen on June 3. Office-building advertising inGuangzhou,ShanghaiandBeijingwill also be launched on June 17, July 1 and July 15 respectively.

Office-Building Elevator Advertising of Sijiyoumei

It is known that white-collars in first-tier cities such asBeijing,Shanghai,Guangzhouand Shenzhen are more acceptable to the idea of balanced diet, fat and heat control; however, due to work reasons, takeout and eating out have become their first choices. Accordingly, Sijiyoumei zeros in on elevators of high-end office buildings ofBeijing,Shanghai,Guangzhouand Shenzhen where white-collars frequent. Advertisements would be centered precisely on daily life of modern people. Simple wording and frames would be providing both acoustic and visual stimulation, arousing rapport among urban white-collars with a fast pace of life.


Office-building advertising of Sijiyoumei this time would be super-precise and high-frequency, which answers to the consumer-oriented branding strategy of Sijiyoumei.

Meanwhile, inside the high-end office building of Neptunus, Shenzhen, Sijiyoumei staged a vibrate on-site promotion event featuring the element of office-building elevator advertising, to broadcast the health concept and brand image of Sijiyoumei.


As soon as the event starts, many white-collars gathered up. After trying out the meal replacement and Share of Sijiyoumei, they spoke highly of the convenience and pleasant tastes of these two types of products.

 White-collars listen carefully to introduction from the staff

As Sijiyoumei knows, brand is the easiest access for consumers to identify a product and the key to final transaction. Sijiyoumei has been taking consumers as key to corporate development, putting consumer needs and demands first, drawing attention among new users through more creative, vibrate, fashionable and interactive measures, promoting trust among patron clients, and striving to make Sijiyoumei a world-class brand.


▲ Total number of locations of Sijiyoumei office building advertisement in Shenzhen is 500.

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