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OPENING SOON! -- News update on Sijiyoumei Great Health Industrial Park

Posted on:2019-07-05 01:45

As many of our dear friends, the big fans of Sijiyoumei fruit-based products, are looking back to half-year achievements you have made during the past six months, we also made great harvest on the construction of our Sijiyoumei great health industrial park. We know many of you are eager to know what’s the news we have on this project, so please join with the fruity assistant Guobao on a journey to the construction site to take a closer look. 

Up to July 4, great achievements have been made on the project:

Infrastructure construction for phase-I project is coming to its finishing touch. The internal and external outfits for buildings in the park were fully accomplished, where the completed function buildings begin to show their magnificent outlook.


Modern workshops in the park is able to house more than one thousand people

 Office buildings and R&D center is able to accommodate more than 200 staff


Green plum processing workshop takes shape

Green plum production line has already stationed in the park


Traffic roads in the park is in the stage of surfacing

According the the director of the project,all the projects are progressing smoothly according to the original plan while certain particular project even marches ahead of the schedule.

Returning from the construction site, Guobao is impressed by the magnificent work we have done in building the park. Every mortar and brick speaks for the company’s strong ambition to forge ahead, and every inch of the park displays our resolution in committing to the great health industry.

Constructed under the principle of high starting point planning, high standard construction and high-efficient management, Sijiyoumei Great Health Industrial Park,   featured by standard modern design, rational structure and full functions, is now  about to rise from the horizon.

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