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The Product out of Sincerity, the Bird’s Nest Jelly of Anti-Aging Jelly® of Sijiyoumei into Market

Posted on:2020-12-21 11:25

On Dec. 20, the annual new product researched and developed by Sijiyoumei healthy food research institute - the bird’s nest jelly of anti-aging jelly® of Sijiyoumei officially came into market. This is the result of time accumulation, and the fine product with originality. Sijiyoumei again provides the sincere answer on how to make the dietary regimen wisdom getting closer to the modern people’s appeal .

Sincerity, coming from the strict selection of materials

The bird’s nest selected and used by Sijiyoumei’s anti-aging jelly originates from Kalimantan Island Indonesia, the origin place of high quality bird’s nest worldwide. Under the circumstances of advantaged natural conditions of tropical raining climate, the bird’s nest here are thick and transparent, with high content of bird’s nest acid. Based on third party’s evaluation, the bird’s nest acid contained in Sijiyoumei’s anti-aging jelly is as high as 9 9 m g / 1 0 0 g*. The the origin of bird’s nest used in every bag of Sijiyoumei’s anti-aging jelly can be traced by scanning the QR code, and the related information of production, export and import, and circulation can be obtained, so as to protect the rights of every consumer.

*Data coming from Fangyuan examining report: 2010923632A, product batch number: 201110S

Sincerity, coming from true and adequate materials without considering the cost

In every bag of Sijiyoumei’s anti-aging jelly, the content of imported high quality bird’s nest added are as much as 1.2g. There is transparent visible part on the package, so that the bird’s nest slice could be seen by one’s own eyes. This is to implement protection of consumers’ right in a simple and direct way. The one hundred percent 1.2g is the company’s quality-oriented declaration, and is also sticking to the commercial ethics.

Sincerity, coming from keeping improving the manufacturing technique

In order to keep the purity of the product quality, the bird’s nest is soaked in high standard purified water in the whole process, to prevent mixing outside impurities in to the greatest extent: by controlling the temperature at 121℃, the essence is activated and its competence is locked at the same time of instant sterilization; Sijiyoumei’s anti-aging jelly uses four-layered composite membrane bag, with its most outside and inside layer using Japanese imported materials, wherein the most outside layer uses high resistance material. All materials reach the food grade safety standard, conducting sterility sealing at the same time of high temperature sterilizing, so as to keep the competence of the material to the greatest extent, and guarantee the stable quality within 12 months’ best edible period.

Sincerity, coming from respect towards terminal experience

To put the terminal experience in the same position of product quality control shows the company’s developing strategy with more humanity principles. Many precious materials, such as bird’s nest, fish collagen peptide, puerarin powder, chia seeds, stachyose, xylooligosaccharide, and fructo-oligose, supplement each other and bring out the best from each other, so as to obviously improve the comprehensive experience, nutritive value and satiety of Sijiyoumei’s anti-aging jelly, providing consumers in pursuit of “light flavor, conditioning and nourishing” with more expecting choices. Although it is only a minor improvement, it takes long term of research and development, thousands of times of selection, recombination and adjustment, only for delivering better experience and value. Before putting into market, the products have completed examination by the third party authority, which shows the consistent preciseness and pragmaticism of Sijiyoumei.

Sijiyoumei is not afraid of long time polishing and optimizing in the fast-paced competence. With every detail showing our sincerity and originality, we know very well that the slower the more steady and more lasting.

When modern biotechnology

Integrates with the Oriental dietary regimen wisdom,

Sijiyoumei’s anti-aging jelly,

with true and adequate material and various nutrition,

during appreciation in the mouth,

can quietly resist the erosion of time,

and release youthful vitality

from within.

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