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The advancement of a green plum

Posted on:2021-04-29 11:17

"After the spring has gone in April, the garden is deep and shady. With flowers taken in the hand, the sleeves are fragrant. The Plum is Green as a bean among the leaves. " It is the season when the green plums ripe, this kind of fruit with different tastes, in thousands of years of history, has brought people too much good memory. So, from green plum to random fruit, what advancement has it made ?

High-requirement in origin place

Green plums are not uncommon, but if you choose them casually, they will never be "casual". It is hard-core to use green plums produced by Zhao 'an, Puning and Jiexi as embryos. Chun 'an Green Plum is called "Chun 'an Red Star Green Plum", which is famous both at home and abroad for its large fruit, thin skin, thick meat, small core and moderate acidity, and its quality exceeds that of Nangaomei, which is popular in Japan; The planting area of Puning green plum is 160,000 mu, which is the green plum germplasm resource base in China, and Puning green plum has been awarded geographical indication protection products; Relying on the natural advantages of vast mountainous area, low temperature, high air humidity and fertile soil, Jiexi green plum has formed a unique planting condition, and its quality is particularly outstanding.

Picky selection about the fruit

Green plums selected from any fruit must endure multiple tests such as "appearance, taste, taste, impurities, moisture", etc. Only those with large fruit, thin skin, luster, thick meat, small core, crisp quality, rich juice and high acidity can be selected. This kind of green plum makes people happy when they look at it, and smells it gently, which is a long natural fruity fragrance. However, if the meat is soft and tastes bad, or even if there are scratches or damages on the surface, it will not enter the processing of casual fruits.

High degree of craftsmanship in Processing

Every season, fruit farmers will work hard for a good quality plum. After the green plum is classified and cleaned, it needs to finish the pickle for half a year. After drying the plum fruit to about 22% - 35% of the water content, the plum fruit becomes the sugar stained green plum.

After the sugar stained plum is transported to the raw material storehouse, it should be stored in a suitable temperature, ventilation and drying place. The laboratory technician will conduct strict sampling test on the green plum in raw material warehouse. After the inspection, the green plum will enter the mixing feeding process first, and the wrapped powder will be evenly wrapped on the surface of the plum by the rotation of the drum.

The sugar coated green plum is transported in a channel with the length of 60 meters. No human contact can be found during the transportation. The temperature rises from 60 to 120 degrees, and the high temperature sterilization is completed within 30 minutes. Then enter sterile cooling workshop. It is necessary to complete several links of belt cooling, manual selection twice and metal detector detection to enter the packaging line.

After packaging, the sugar stained green plum even to the final product warehouse, the production process is still not over. These finished products are sugar stained with green plum, which need to be strictly tested. For example, sulfur dioxide residue, microbial infiltration value, water value, etc., all up to standard can be allowed to leave the factory.

An ordinary green plum, after going through a number of strict processes, can become your healthy snack - casual fruit. Simple in pure, modern in traditional, this method of production not only retains the natural organic acid, but also enjoys the sweet and sour feeling when it is eaten. No matter how complicated it is, it's just for better happiness, from the tip of the tongue to the heart.

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