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Enjoy bird's nest in spring, rejuvenate with all things

Posted on:2021-03-26 03:57

The praise and expectation of spring is really regardless of both ancient and modern, Chinese and foreign. We always want to reserve energy in spring and press the vigorous "Start button" for the whole year. Many friends around us choose to enjoy bird's nest in spring, which is a way to conform to the weather.

First of all, spring is the best time to maintain the body; secondly, haze often occurs in spring, according to research, bird's nest has a better protective effect on the lung; in addition, the air is dry in spring, easy to catch fire, and the skin often has the warning signal of water shortage, so it is particularly suitable to enjoy bird's nest at this time.

The bird's nest is gentle and sweet, and enjoying it in spring just conforms to the content described in Sun Simiao's Qian Jin Fang. Bird's nest contains bird's nest acid, protein, calcium, iron, potassium, sodium and other nutrients, the subtle harmony between them is the precious part of bird's nest.

Sijiyoumei Cubilose Jelly is made from the bird's nest of Kalimantan island, Indonesia, which is the world's high-quality bird's nest producing area. The bird's nest here is thick and transparent with high bird's nest acid content under the natural conditions of tropical rainforest climate. The content of bird's nest acid in Sijiyoumei Cubilose Jelly was up to 99 mg / 100 g determined by the third party. All the bird's nests selected by Sijiyoumei Cubilose Jelly can be scanned and traced to obtain relevant information from production, export, import and circulation, so as to ensure your food safety in an all-round way. Each bag of Sijiyoumei Cubilose Jelly contains 1.2g + of dried bird's nest, which makes our products full of sincerity.

Compared with traditional bird's nest, the biggest highlight of Sijiyoumei Cubilose Jelly is to scientifically mix bird's nest, fish collagen peptide, pueraria powder, kia seed, stachyose, xylooligosaccharide, fructooligosaccharide and other precious raw materials, which not only retains the traditional advantages, but also makes up for the shortcomings. The inheritance and development of feeding wisdom not only makes bird's nest more suitable for modern people's needs, but also makes the intake of beneficial elements more comprehensive and balanced.

Some of you may misunderstand that bird's nest products are high in sugar, easy to get fat and high in calories. In fact, bird's nest as an ideal good thing in spring can also be low sugar, low calorie or even sugar free. The calorie of a bag of Sijiyoumei Cubilose Jelly is as low as 23.7 kcal, which is equivalent to half an apple. Although the word "Sugar" can be seen in the formula, it is not a real sugar, but a water-soluble dietary fiber, which can be safely eaten by sugar resistant people.

Open a bag of Sijiyoumei Cubilose Jelly in the bright spring, and enjoy the delicious food from nature, just like breathing freely in the Indonesian rainforest and embracing the blue sky and white clouds. We are looking forward to sharing with you this new feeling!

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