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Celebrating Birthdays Together, Sijiyoumei Salutes to China Red with Persistence

Posted on:2020-10-09 10:56

Today is the 71th birthday of China. The red-starred red flags are raised along with the rising sun all over the countries. The exciting “China Red” reflects the yearning and confidence with common goals. As the hardworking cultivators in the field of healthy food, Sijiyoumei bears in mind the original entrepreneurial intention of “revitalizing the national brand”, and presents the motherland with a birthday gift of industrial high quality upgrading.

The Hardware System of International Standard is the Support of Sijiyoumei’s Entry into International Market.

80 sets of production equipment and 20 sets of packaging equipment build two production lines and package lines with high efficiency respectively, with key equipment digitally controlled by computer. The Suibianguo products delivered to all over the world are manufactured here.

The complete machine has the vertical packaging machine with servo control system, with electrical apparatus elements coming from international famous brands, its stability ranking the top among similar devices.

The Customized Drying Oven and Spiral Cooling Tower Shows the Hardcore Strength of Sijiyoumei’s Production Line.

Sijiyoumei’s two lines of 60-meter drying oven are all customized by famous domestic machinery enterprises. This electric powered mesh belt drying oven is used by thermal cycle, which is 18%-25% lower in energy dissipation among similar products; its open design greatly improves the production cleanliness, and the adjustable air hose ensure average wind in every corner, so as to keep high yielding rate of the product and a stable quality.

Two customized spiral cooling tower is equipped with auto online cleaning function, and PLC auto control system could convert frequency and adjust speed. The electrical apparatus elements are all from international first-degree brands. The operation reliability, safety, capacity, hardware configuration and production appearance of the complete machine all reached or passed the level of similar products abroad. 

The jelly production equipment of Sijidaican is built by national new high-tech enterprises, wherein the complete equipment absorbs the advantages of similar products from Germany, Japan, South Korea, America and Swiss, and further realizes the creation and breaking through, its overall performance getting into the international front. 

Sijiyoumei’s Soft Power is also Advancing with the Time.

Sijiyoumei continues to increase input of research and development. Within only a few years, the company has obtained many patents and utility models; up to now, there are four registered enterprise standards of Sijiyoumei, wherein two of them are the standards of the products in sale.

The country encourages enterprises to establish company standards that is stricter than the national or industrial standards by themselves, which means enterprise standard ≥ industrial standard ≥ national standard.

Sijiyoumei is awarded the title of of “national new high-tech enterprise”.

Suibianguo is recognized as the new high-tech product in Guangdong Province.

Sijidaican is recognized as the new high-tech product in Guangdong Province.

During the developing history of Sijiyoumei, the word of “quality” always occupies an important position. With the consistent high quality, apart from the improving hardware, the unrelenting pursuit of originality towards products is also essential. Only because of this, the products could keep a foothold based on its high quality in the market environment with fierce competition, and become the popular products with good reputation among terminals.

Serving the country with industrial success is never a fake concept, nor a slogan on the tip of the tongue, but the power and quality connecting the enterprises and the country. Sijiyoumei is gradually growing due to the good national environment. It integrates patriotism with upgrading industry, with the confidence and determination of rapid development and bold advancement. Looking back on the incoming road with great momentum, and looking to the future full of vitality, under the joint effort with all national enterprises, Sijiyoumei will strive to make the slogan of “MADE IN CHINA” an international golden signboard.

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