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Love, to be continued: Sijiyoumei Public Service Advertisement Went Online

Posted on:2019-05-20 11:24

Look back on May, 20, a warm day

There is such a group of people

Who have traveled thousands of miles

to the heartland of Daliang Mountain many times.

They engraved

Their wish, commitment and oath

On the rocks in the high mountain at an altitude of more than 3,000 meters

They walk on muddy trail

They bend their back

They sweat

They are young

So they are heavily burdened

They are responsible

So they sow seeds

They have dreams

So they love

They open a window for children living in big mountains

For them to explore a new world

On May 20, Sijiyoumei "Student Assistance" light box public service advertisement made its official appearance in Shenzhen. The 20 advertising spots are dotted over 9 stations of Shenzhen Metro Line 3, including Tianbei, Cuizhu, Sunbu, Hongling, Huaxin, Children's Palace, Futian, Shopping Park and Shisha, as well as 4 stations of Metro Line 4, including Longhua, Futian Port, Fumin and Citizen Center. The advertisements will be on all day long. The design of the advertisements are simple and elegant and they look more conspicuous when dawn comes and street lights are turned on.


Because we do things in a down-to-earth way, we know more about the happiness and sadness of ordinary people. While expanding business, Sijiyoumei has never forgotten to repay the society by carrying out public welfare activities.

Since the establishment of Sijiyoumei Public Welfare Fund in 2015, we have spared no effort to offer help to people living in poor areas despite the fatigue of long-distance travel and our efforts have won wide acclaim from local governments and people.

In the past four years, we have been to Zhaojue County, located in the heartland of Sichuan. We visited several local rural schools and knew more about their urgent needs. Then we formulated and implemented a series of funding programs, which has greatly helped the local area through our material support and care. “Helping poor people in poor areas” is the reason why we established the fund in the first place and it is also the basic rule that governs the operation of the fund.


Public service advertisement does not aim for brand publicity or the review of past achievements. Rather it is a stimulus to our future efforts to offer more care and material support to more people.

Sijiyoumei Public Welfare Fund will continue to provide assistance for students in poor areas. Adhering to “poverty alleviation through education”, the fund will continue to assist students and teachers and fulfill our corporate mission of “undertaking, acting, responsible and enterprising”.

We believe that as long as the fire of love is continuously burning, even if it is dim, the fire will eventually become bright sunshine, shining on every child on the earth.

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