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Two primary schools, four bridges, one kindergarten and five hundred funded students

Posted on:2021-05-24 11:00

For children in Zhaojue County, it's a new summer. In the early morning of May, a bunch of sunshine passed through the morning fog in Daliang Mountain, which made the classroom bright inside and outside. The children shook their heads with the teacher's rhythm and sang songs word by word. The neat and tender children's voice makes the whole school full of vitality. This is the first summer after Zhaojue got rid of poverty in the whole region, and it is also the seventh time for Siji Youmei Public Welfare Department to enter the hinterland of Daliang Mountain. I'm very lucky to witness great changes in Zhaojue and I'm very happy to be able to contribute a little.

First Station  

Siji Youmei kindergarten in Kuyi Township, Zhaojue County

Siji Youmei kindergarten in Kuyi Township, Zhaojue County has a planned total construction area of 689.5 square meters. At present, all the projects have been successfully completed. The leaders of Zhaojue League County Party Committee and Science and Education Bureau, the volunteers of Zhejiang University Postgraduate Education Group and Siji Youmei Public Welfare Department participated in the completion ceremony of Siji Youmei kindergarten, and presented a thank-you note for Siji Youmei's public welfare education. The words are sincere, which are the deep yearning of children to pursue their dreams.

 Second Station 

 Return Visit to the first school by Siji Youmei in Zhaojue: 

Wawu Primary School

Wawu new campus, which can accommodate more than 300 students, was put into use in 2017. It has a library, a sports ground and a famous "Academy of Juvenile Sciences" in the county. Every time I come here, I can feel the happiness of children's study and life in the new environment, and I can really experience their gratifying changes. After arrival this time, I found their campus life more colorful. The headmaster said with pride that our school football team is known as "Zhaojue Brazil"! Dedicated, he has been shortlisted as "the most beautiful rural headmasters in China" for many times, and the school has become a banner of Zhaojue rural primary schools with excellent school running performance and comprehensive education level.


Third Station  

Wanda love school

This year, there are 42 children supported by the Siji Youmei public welfare team in Wanda School, and most of them have been supported for three consecutive years. Gardenia blossoms, and time waits for no one. There will be a graduation season again. People from Siji Youmei cross the country are looking forward to your good news for further studies!

Fourth Station 

 Inspect the site selection of "Xuexue Bridge" project in Mopu village of Tebulu Township

Daliang Mountain has abundant rainfall in summer, and there is a lot of water on the way to school, which brings great trouble to the children in mountainous areas. Considering that the school students are still young, and most of them are left-behind children, we strive to provide strong support and guarantee for the safe arrival of students. We plan to build a "School Bridge" here for the children, which will be the fourth school bridge donated by Siji Youmei in Zhaojue. The bridges built in the dangerous places connect the road of study and shoulder the dream of children's success.

Fifth Station  

Preschool education center of Sanqing community, Hexi village, Guqu Township

Sanqing community, Hexi village, Guqu Township, located at the border between Butuo county and Zhaojue County, now has resident in 115 families, with 37 students in preschool education center. The mountain road is narrow and dangerous, only one car is allowed to barely pass. After arriving, we have made friendly exchanges with the children and teachers to further understand the needs of local preschool education.

Sixth Station  

Return visit to Naituo Primary School and issue of one-on-one grants

Naituo Primary School is the second school donated in Zhaojue by Siji Youmei. The new school was put into use in 2019. During this return visit, we focused on understanding the students' learning situation and psychological state, and at the same time, according to the original agreement, we distributed this year's grants to the aided students.

To help students, we should step by step. Every year, the public welfare department of Siji Youmei arrives in Zhaojue County, located in the hinterland of Daliang Mountain, Sichuan Province, to participate in student aid activities in various forms.

Siji Youmei has donated and built two primary schools, three bridges and one kindergarten in Zhaojue, and the fourth bridge is under planning; There are nearly 500 one-on-one funded students; The winter-warming project has sent more than 300,000 yuan of materials to more than 3,000 children in 10 rural primary schools; More than 1000 books were donated to enrich the library of the donated school. Up to now, all kinds of public donations of Siji Youmei have totaled nearly 10 million yuan.

Children in the depths of mountains should not only have a glimpse of their destiny, but also have a greater future. We firmly believe that this insistence year after year will certainly arouse more moving repercussions and last forever in thousands miles of Liangshan.

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